Can You Protect Yourself From Being Hacked?

Am I Going To Be Hacked?

Am I going to be hacked?  Is it inevitable? How can you protect yourself from being hacked?  How are targets of hacking determined? Well if you’re a known person who is outside of the law, you can bet you are going to be a targeted by the government for a hack into your device. Their purpose would be to gain access to incriminating information in order to prosecute and put you in jail. Protection Against Hacking.

If you’re an average everyday law abiding person who doesn’t engage in any unusual attention getting activities, you’re not likely to be of hacking interest to the government. But normal everyday people do get hacked by scammers and criminals. Usually because their not careful about what they click on. Before you click your mouse or tap your finger, you should read every word that is presented to you. Don’t presume you know what the statement says. Read it carefully. Often bad links contain misspellings and / or grammar errors. Legit ones don’t. If it doesn’t make sense or if your doubtful, don’t click or tap. The hackers and bad guys are always trying to fool you and they count on your impatience, complacency and laziness to hack into you. Protection Against Hacking.

Additional Ways To Protect Yourself From A Government Hack Or Criminal Hack

Aside from the “person” being careless, successful hacks are also dependent on the type of hardware being used by the targeted victim and the software on that hardware device. Certain hardware can only run certain versions of software. Apple Updates During the length of time that you’re using the device (average 24 months), its hardware components don’t change. But the software on that hardware does change, and very frequently too. Often during the useful lifetime of your iPhone6, the operating system is likely to have a few software updates, both major and minor. Protection Against Hacking. Microsoft Updates

Those updates can represent improvements to existing software features, and / or bug / security fixes. The apps you use on the phone very often have software updates. They are much more frequent than application software on non-mobile hardware. Sometimes software flaws are security vulnerabilities, which make the software vulnerable to meddling and exploitation of your data. Therefore it is very important to protect yourself from hacking by keeping all your software up to date all the time.

Defense Hacking Here are additional ways to protect yourself from being hacked.  Use upper case and lower case letters, and numbers and special characters in your passwords. Change the password frequently. Use a password manager utility to manage them. Clear the cache in your browser so the websites, such as your investment account website name, is not viewable. Don’t use free WiFi. You’re very vulnerable on a free WiFi network.  Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) on your website, if you have a website.  And prefer to use only websites that use SSL. Google SEO has downgraded websites that are not SSL.

Use anti-virus software on your device and make sure it is updated to the minute. Use 2 step verification. Most major companies that host sensitive data offer two-step verification for online accounts, including Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Dropbox, and Facebook.  Protection Against Hacking.

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