Polishing The Apple Today At Apple

  Apple the world’s most valued company, always does thing in a grand, unique style. When they opened their first store in 2001, many experts thought it was a bad idea. Yesterday March 25th, 2017,they unveiled an Apple Store redesign at their store in Dubai, next to the world’s tall building. They also announced new educational sessions called “Today At Apple”, to launch next month at all of the 490 Apple Stores. Apple Store Redesign

Apple’s First Female Executive In Charge Of Retail

These changes are the work of a team led by Apple’s first management team female and highest ranking female executive, 56 year old Senior Vice President for Retail, Angel Ahrendts. In 2014 Ahrendts was the highest paid female executive in the US, earning 83 million. Her pay package including a sign-on package was valued at $105 million. Previously she was Londons’ Burberry’s CEO. Apple Store Redesign.

It’s the first redesign in 15 years which was done by Steve Jobs and Ron Johnson. The look and the feel of the stores are changing. In 100 of it’s largest stores such as San Francisco there will be new large display screens and spaces for classrooms. They want the store to be thought of as a “town square”, an energy hub, where people will purposely go to meet and talk Apple topics. Meet me at Apple. The Genius Bar is renamed Genius Grove. And new Geniuses who specialize in music and photo’s are being called Creative Pro’s. Apple Store Redesign.


Who Else Was Involved Of The Redesign Look

Ahrendt’s team worked on the redesign of the stores with Apple Chief Design Officer Jony Ive along with the London firm Foster & Partners. Much of the architecture and elements are like the new Apple Park Cupertino campus, even the floors, walls and stools. Polishing The Apple Today At Apple.

The Creative Pro’s will teach topics ranging from photos and video to music, coding, art and design. Influential artists and musicians will be offering ‘perspectives and performances’ in a live venue. Traditional brick-and-mortar stores close down and online retailers such as Amazon and Google experiment with brick-and-mortar stores. The category is ripe for innovation once again.

For Apple, the answers looked like this: A store that enriches lives has a non-commissioned sales floor. Instead of clerks or salespeople, it hired geniuses and concierges. A store that enriches lives greets you as you step foot inside. Enriching lives are the first two words on the credo card distributed to all store employees.


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