Fix My Computer Or Buy A New One?

Should you fix your existing computer or buy a new one? There can be two major but very different reasons who a person is considering resolving a perceived computer malfunction.  The complicated one is the user’s skills or a malicious software encounter. It would make the user think that a hardware component has failed. Or the user just might need a better understanding of how to interact with the software, or the malicious software needs expunging from the computer. FIX MY COMPUTER OR BUY NEW COMPUTER.

If the problem is determined to be failed / faulty hardware component  that is under its hardware warranty, by all means, have the manufacturer repair it.  Though presuming that your computer is out of warranty, I would ask these two questions. The first question is, ‘What is your complaint.’  The second thing I would ask is ‘How many years old is the computer.’ Depending on your responses, these following hardware parts are the factors to consider in making a fix or buy new decision. FIX MY COMPUTER OR BUY NEW COMPUTER

The major hardware parts that a computer contains are, the mother board / logic board, the Processor(CPU), the hard drive, the random access memory (RAM), the video card, and the liquid crystal display (LCD).  The wireless internet connection card and / or the wired internet connection card are also important parts, but they seldom go bad. If that is your only complaint and only problem, you should replace them. They are inexpensive.

What Parts Are The Costliest To Replace?

The mother board / logic board and the liquid crystal display on a laptop, are the two most costly computer parts to replace. If your five year or younger mother board / logic board fails out of warranty old, being able to buy a refurbished / recertified one, is very likely. Refurbished boards have 90 day warranty’s, though refurb’s could last for years. The average price of a range from $200 to $500. Mac’s are the $500 types. Windows boards are the lower priced boards. For a modest additional cost, you can extend the 90 day warranty. I would extend it. The mother board / logic board is a major hardware part. If it doesn’t work correctly, nothing will work correctly. FIX MY COMPUTER OR BUY NEW COMPUTER

Here is a comprehensive definition of what defines refurbished. EXPLANATION OF “REFURBISHED”   Refurbished mother boards / logic boards don’t come with a Processor. Though you’re existing Processor can be installed in the refurbished mother board. If your Processor fails out of warranty, you can easily buy a brand new Processor. There are no refurbished Processors The average price of a common Intel i5 Processor is $120.00. Random Access Memory(RAM) is dirt cheap to replace. And installing RAM is almost as easy as screwing in a light bulb. Hard drives are dirt cheap also. But if your hard drive fails, you better hope you have made a current backup copy of it. Otherwise recovering your documents from a failed hard drive can be very, very expensive. Apple Computers have a built-in no-brainer, backup for dummies software called Time Machine.  It backs-up your computer’s hard drive automatically. FIX MY COMPUTER OR BUY NEW COMPUTER



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