Facebook Considering Short Form Video Content For Apple TV

Facebook Developing Short Form TV App For Apple TV

360 billion hours are consumed on regular traditional TV typically on a large flat panel liquid crystal display, perhaps the wall mounted types. Or it might even be viewed on an old CRT type TV. And the content is usually provided by Comcast Cable, Verizon, HughesTV, Charter etc. The content for this TV tradition is called “long form content”. The deeply entrenched traditional TV content providers, have been facing fierce competition from alternative content delivery methods. Those alternate methods come to us through the internet and through the air via internet infrastructure. Facebook Apple TV Short Form Content

Long Form TV Content And Short Form TV Content

Facebook Apple TV Short Form Content Roku became one of the first challengers to traditional delivery and beat AppleTV to the market. As we know Apple Inc. is the most valued company in the world, running neck and neck from day to day, in contention with ExxonMobil.  Apple usually does things successfully. Facebook Apple TV Short Form Content

They are partnering with the social media behemoth Facebook. Video is where “everything” is going. Facebook is developing contracted and / or proprietary content for Facebook. They are having movies, documentaries, live performances done exclusively for them. Facebook is developing a video app for AppleTV and other brands of smart tv and set-top boxes. Those others are Google’s Chromecast Stick, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Roku, and TiVo. The content written for these are Short Form Content. Facebook Apple TV Short Form Content

What this move away from long form traditional content affirms is that people are not sitting as much at home watching TV  People have increasingly begun to view content on their smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers where ever they happen to be.  We are a mobile society. Sales of desktop computers have dropped significantly over the past 6 years. Laptops sales have decreased too. Smartphones and tablets have been driving the hardware market sales economy. So content needs to be written / coded to run on the mobile devices. Facebook wants it’s platform to be the go-to-for everything platform. Geez, you can even send money through Facebook, order food for delivery, interact with your Friends, post and share your pictures, music and videos too. Facebook Apple TV Short Form Content 


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