Will Artificial Intelligence Rule The World

Is Artificial Intelligence Artificial

Artificial Intelligence has easily defeated humans in game challenges of chess and the TV game show Jeopardy. In the Jeopardy challenge, the algorithm that beat the humans is called Watson. It was named after IBM’s first CEO Thomas J. Watson. Surprisingly it was not called Einstein. Though when it came to challenges of poker, algorithms had difficulty beating four human players in 2015. Artificial Intelligence Carnegie Mellon Poker Algorithm.  IBM’s WATSON

In January 2017, 4 professional poker players, Jason Les, Dong Kim, Daniel McAulay and Jimmy Chou lost a 20 day-long poker match to a computer software program bot named Libratus. Overnight during the 20 days, Libratus was perfecting its strategy on its own by analyzing the prior gameplay and results of the day, particularly its losses. Artificial Intelligence Carnegie Mellon Poker Algorithm. And as it plays in real-time, it learns and re-calculates that learning into it’s next decision. Libratus was built on 15 million core hours of computations. Claudio was built on only 3 million core hours.  Carnegie Mellon Computer Science

Carnegie Mellon University School Of Computer Science

In order to gain results of statistical significance,120,000 hands were be played in Libratus, a 50% increase compared to the previous 2015 Claudio algorithm. Claudio lost to the humans. Claudio and Libratus were designed to be able to learn any game or situation in which incomplete information is available. And designed to learn where “opponents” may be hiding information or even engaging in deception. Claudio was built on only 3 million core hours of computation in the Carnegie Mellow Super Computing Center, Pittsburg Pennsylvania. Artificial Intelligence Carnegie Mellon Poker Algorithm.

Doug Lim, one of the 4 human competitors thought for a moment that the computer had to be cheating. He saw that the computer was so good, that it was if it could see his hand, but he knew it wasn’t cheating. It just goes to show you that over a learning period of time, the algorithm can pose every possibility of competing poker hands possible, and much, much better than the human brain can predict the likelihood of two competing hands of cards occurring at any time. Google Artificial Intelligence

Will Artificial Intelligence Take Over Humanity

What makes this such an outstanding software achievement, is that the algorithm program was designed to learn games in which incomplete information and deception play a role. It played trillions of hands  using numerous decks of cards. It used strategies that humans would not even think of using. The CPU and algorithm can think faster and more reliably then even a mind like Einstein’s can. It also doesn’t have the flaw of human emotions to interfere with the goal of winning. Everything that goes into the AI algorithm can be applied to anything. Negotiations, warfare, business, medical planning, and it goes without saying, certainly to cyber security. Artificial Intelligence Carnegie Mellon Poker Algorithm.

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