Apple Discontinues Thunderbolt Cinema Display Monitor

Say Goodbye To The Elegant Apple Cinema Display

Apple has discontinued its Thunderbolt Cinema Display external monitor. It’s exterior enclosure was typically Apple’s simple and elegant design, and the only external monitor Apple ever made. It isn’t cheap at $999.00 and available only until supply’s last. It hasn’t been updated since 2011. Why is it being discontinued? Perhaps because of the size of it, which correlates the cost. It was 30 inches display with a 2560×1440 resolution. Apple Discontinues Thunderbolt Cinema Display.

Hardcore Apple users, and others, have used it with the Mac Mini and the Mac Pro. Many Mac Book Pro 13 and 15 inch notebook users connect their MacBook’s to a Cinema display and various brands of large external  displays when returning to their office or home. Large displays are much less fatiguing on the eyeballs. Many different brands of external displays will work with Mac and Windows also. Apple Discontinues Thunderbolt Cinema Display.

Apple Recommends The LG UltraFine 5K 27 Inch As Its Replacement

Speculation abounds whether Apple will replace the Thunderbolt with an Apple 5K Display. Since officially announcing the discontinuance in June 2016, Apple Stores have been carrying the LG UltraFine 5K 27 inch display in stock. They recommended the LG as the best companion to the 2016 MacBook Pro. Since June a problem has developed with the LG, and Apple has removed their Apple Store stock of the LG’s until LG can fix the problem. Apple Discontinues Thunderbolt Cinema Display.

The problem is radio interference. All electronic hardware and everyday electrical wiring emits electromagnetic radio waves. If placed within 2 feet of a Wi-Fi router, the LG will will regularly black-out. It will also cause the connected MacBookPro to “hang”. 

If not adequately shielded, radio waves can cause performance interference with other electronic devices. I have observed students take a seat in a computer lab and place their cell phone directly on top of the computer tower. Doing such causes the  phone and the computer enormous problems, and can cause permanent damage too.

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