How Did This Happen To Apple

Reputation Institute‘s recent 2017 survey states that Apple has dropped from last years 10th position as the most reputable company, to the 20th position this year. They scored a 74.94, down 1.7 points from 2016’s survey.  In a 2011 survey of approximately 150,000 consumers, Apple was regarded as thee 2nd most reputable company. Google was 1st. So why did they fall? Apple Consumer Reputation Survey

Survey studies offer insight into how companies are viewed and trusted by consumers, their willingness to buy the product, invest in the company, and even work for the company. Judging is on a scale of 0 to 100.  80 or higher is considered an “excellent” reputation. 70s is considered a “strong” reputation, and anything in the 60s represents an “average” reputation. The study seems to suggest Apple’s drop has to do with the ‘citizenship’ perception of Apple, rather than of its products. Apple Consumer Reputation Survey. That means that consumers like the products, but thinks Apple doesn’t have positive influence on society. I find this hard to understand. Could it be because it’s contracted FoxConn factory workers were widely reported to be low paid, and slave-like driven, with a high suicide rate? Google, Sony and Microsoft did better than Apple.

What About Apple’s Major Smartphone Competitor Samsung

Apple Consumer Reputation Survey. Though Apple’s decline is significant, it doesn’t come close to Samsung’s decline. Last year Samsung was 17th. This year’s they’re 70th. Their major drop is likely due to last year’s discontinuation of the Galaxy Note 7. Users reported overheating and explosions. Samsung says it was caused by a faulty battery.

Who’s The Best of 2017?

This years most reputable top 5 companies are Rolex, Lego the Danish maker of plastic building blocks,the Walt Disney Company, Canon and Google. Sixth through tenth are Bosch, Sony, Intel, Rolls-Royce, and Adidas. Rolex is a very expensive watch. Lego is a Danish company, who makes children plastic building blocks. And everybody knows the home of Mickey Mouse.

The Japanese company Canon, makes imaging products. And just as well known as the Disney Company, is Google, whose parent company is Alphabet Inc. Can you guess which of these companies can maintain or improve their consumer reputation throughout the coming year? Samsung better hope they do, and Apple better also. Let’s hope.




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